Whimsical Owl

Once again I found myself applying art journaling to my sculptures. This time a cute little owl was born. "Believe in yourself" are such wise words, and what better to hear that from than a wise old owl! 🙂 I made him with paper mache clay and decorated with newspaper and acrylics.

Whimsical Fish

What a better way to start your summer than sculpting cute whimsical fish! She is made from paper mache clay and painted with acrylics. My absolute favorite part had to be decorating the sea floor. Looking through my craft cupboard for shells, starfish and little trinkets was so much fun! I am quite pleased how... Continue Reading →

Gilbert the Sheep

Today  I finished my paper-mache sheep sculpture using Jonni Clay. He has been affectionately named Gilbert by my kids. He evolved as I was sculpting, as my daughter who had recently gotten braces wanted the sheep to have braces too. Some polymer clay and wire did the job.  I added a bow tie as a... Continue Reading →

Paper Mache Paste Recipes

There are many great recipes out there for paper mache paste. This is a collection of recipes I have found. I have tried Stolloweens recipe and it is my favourite. I have also used wallpaper paste mixed with pva glue. My approximate measurements are 1 part wallpaper paste (mixed according to package directions), I part... Continue Reading →

Paper Mache Clay

Jonni Clay I discovered Jonni's website when I 1st started paper mache sculpting about 7 years ago. She has a fabulous clay recipe which I have been using since then. It dries hard and is very durable. All my pieces are still in pristine condition. I also love the texture of this clay. It gives... Continue Reading →

Cold Porcelain Clay

Cold porcelain clay can be made at home with only a few basic ingredients. It is a very soft clay that is easy to manipulate and great for kids (with adult supervision of course) or arthritic hands. It dries rock hard. It is also similar to working gum paste and all those fabulous Wilton tools... Continue Reading →

Magical Fairies

I have always been fascinated with magical creatures.  My favorite childhood author was Enid Blyton and her series called The Faraway Tree.  The Wishing Chair was also a favorite. Goblins, gnomes and fairies still exist in my imagination today. Many of my pieces stem from these mythical creatures.  This piece in particular is a work... Continue Reading →

Do you wanna build a snowman….

My daughter asked me to make this cute character Olaf, from Disney's Frozen. He is such an adorable, happy character in the movie and was fun to sculpt. My armature was made from plastic bags of various sizes stuffed with newspaper. I used paper mache clay to cover everything and some sticks from the garden... Continue Reading →

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