Clay Talk is Tomorrow

Hello, tomorrow evening I will be hosting Clay Talk again on Facebook Live. I will be demonstrating how to make this cute whimsical owl. The armature is a toilet roll middle and of course, I will be using Creative Paperclay®. The paints I used are watercolor acrylics from Plaid Crafts. Be sure to mark your... Continue Reading →

Making a bird with Creative Paperclay®

Hello! Lately I have been seeing these cute little birdie sculptures made from paper mache on Pinterest. I  decided why not try making a bird with Creative Paperclay®? It is such a simple yet versatile medium and requires no kiln! It is  very strong and sands quite easily. It can also be painted with acrylic... Continue Reading →

Mixed Media Granny

I had a bottle doll covered with Creative Paper Clay sitting down for quite a while. She was yet to get a face! I was suddenly inspired to do a granny sculpture. I added to details of the face with more paper clay. That's actually one of my favorite things about creative paper clay, you can dilute... Continue Reading →

Paper Mache Clay

Jonni Clay I discovered Jonni's website when I 1st started paper mache sculpting about 7 years ago. She has a fabulous clay recipe which I have been using since then. It dries hard and is very durable. All my pieces are still in pristine condition. I also love the texture of this clay. It gives... Continue Reading →

Magical Fairies

I have always been fascinated with magical creatures.  My favorite childhood author was Enid Blyton and her series called The Faraway Tree.  The Wishing Chair was also a favorite. Goblins, gnomes and fairies still exist in my imagination today. Many of my pieces stem from these mythical creatures.  This piece in particular is a work... Continue Reading →

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