A Beautiful Church for Christmas

Hello my crafty friends, Last week I had to create a sculpture for my regular design team post for Creative Paperclay®. I usually do Christmas themed sculptures this time of year but I haven't been feeling very Christmasy. It's been a rough year, with a lot of bad childhood memories flooding back. These memories have... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Scary Pumpkin!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Who loves Halloween? I do and I certainly love to make Halloween Decorations. This week I made a Scary Pumpkin for Creative Paperclay®.  How cute is that!  He is very simple to make so it's a great sculpture for anyone to try. To see how I made A Scary Pumpkin,... Continue Reading →

A Mixed Media Canvas

Hello, Welcome to my blog. Today I share with you my design team post for Creative Paperclay®️. I wanted to show the versatility of this air dry clay so I did a tutorial showing how to incorporate it into a mixed media canvas. Isn't it beautiful? For full instructions visit the Creative Paperclay blog. Thanks... Continue Reading →

An Upcycling Project using Creative Paperclay®️

Hello! Welcome to my blog! For my Creative Paperclay Design Team post this month I am doing an upcycling project. What really is upcycling? Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.... Continue Reading →

Make a Magical Mushroom House!

Who doesn't like remembering childhood fantasy of fairies, pixies, elves and gnomes living in the garden under rocks, in trees and in magical mushroom houses? I certainly do! Authors like Enid Blyton brought this magical world to life for me and sometimes that inner child still wants to hang on to that mystery and magic. I... Continue Reading →

My Mermaid Sculpture for MerMay!

MerMay was created by Tom Bancroft as a celebration of creativity and mermaids. It is more focused on drawing, but of course, I had to do a sculpture!   My mermaid is made from Creative Paperclay®. It is painted with acrylic paint and decorated with beautiful lace fabric. The hair I used is Wensleydale curly locks. If... Continue Reading →

Make your Own Owl Wall Hanging

Hello! I recently started a new term with the Creative Paperclay® Design Team and today I have for you  an easy to follow tutorial showing how to make your own owl wall hanging. It is a simple tutorial, great for beginners, kids and more experienced sculptors.  You can check it out on the Creative Paperclay®... Continue Reading →

Learn How to Make a Cute Whimsical Bird

Hello! Welcome to another post. My Creative Paperclay®️ Design Team post this month is a cute whimsical bird. It is very simple to make and great for beginners. Of course it is made with  Creative Paperclay®️ and a few other items. Be sure to have a look and share your creations. Here is the link... Continue Reading →

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