A Brand New Course!

Sculpting a Mushroom with QuickCure Clay I will be hosting a workshop in association with Art Anthology on Saturday, June 20, 2020. The workshop will begin at 5:30 PM EDT/2:30 PM PDT and will be taught in a private group on Facebook Live. We will be making this adorable mushroom with Ranger’s new QuickCure Clay!... Continue Reading →

Mixed Media Granny

I had a bottle doll covered with Creative Paper Clay sitting down for quite a while. She was yet to get a face! I was suddenly inspired to do a granny sculpture. I added to details of the face with more paper clay. That's actually one of my favorite things about creative paper clay, you can dilute... Continue Reading →

Cold Porcelain Clay

Cold porcelain clay can be made at home with only a few basic ingredients. It is a very soft clay that is easy to manipulate and great for kids (with adult supervision of course) or arthritic hands. It dries rock hard. It is also similar to working gum paste and all those fabulous Wilton tools... Continue Reading →

Magical Fairies

I have always been fascinated with magical creatures.  My favorite childhood author was Enid Blyton and her series called The Faraway Tree.  The Wishing Chair was also a favorite. Goblins, gnomes and fairies still exist in my imagination today. Many of my pieces stem from these mythical creatures.  This piece in particular is a work... Continue Reading →

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