Make your own Christmas Tree

Hi and happy holidays! Tis the time to make Christmas ornaments for my home! Look at this gorgeous Christmas tree! Isn't it lovely? I made it with yarn and Mod Podge and then decorated with glitter and tiny styrofoam Christmas balls. This piece is the inspiration for all of you that want to make your... Continue Reading →

Christmas in July: A Blog Hop

Hello and Welcome to the Christmas in July Blog hop! We have a very talented group of ladies sharing fabulous craft ideas for your Christmas in July projects. Links to all their blogs are at the end of this post.  Now lets talk about my project. I decided to do a super cute and easy... Continue Reading →

A Gingerbread Man Ornament

Hi! This is my final Christmas craft tutorial for the season over on Creative Paperclay®; How to make a gingerbread man ornament! He is so so cute and very easy to make. It's great for all levels and can be completed in a day if you dry the clay in a warm oven at 250... Continue Reading →

How to Make Lace Angel Wings

Hello and welcome! I have a couple of new tutorials for you today. One complements the other! The one I will share now shows you how to make lace angel wings for your next mixed media art doll. It is very simple and looks beautiful when finished. Don't worry, my next post shows you how... Continue Reading →

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