Entwine – A Life Book Lesson

I have been working through my Life Book 2020 lessons and really loved this particular lesson by Toni Burt. She made an air dry clay pot and took it one step further embellishing it with beads and wires. The result? Fabulous! In the lesson, the clay that was used behaves like ceramic clay. I, of... Continue Reading →

Speckled Easter Eggs

I can't believe it is Easter again! That came around so quickly. I do love making Easter decorations though. These cute speckled eggs were made with Delight Clay™ and the basket painted with Folk Art Acrylic Paint. Don't those eggs look edible? You can view the full tutorial at The Creative Paperclay Blog. Thanks for... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Scary Pumpkin!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Who loves Halloween? I do and I certainly love to make Halloween Decorations. This week I made a Scary Pumpkin for Creative Paperclay®.  How cute is that!  He is very simple to make so it's a great sculpture for anyone to try. To see how I made A Scary Pumpkin,... Continue Reading →

My Mermaid Sculpture for MerMay!

MerMay was created by Tom Bancroft as a celebration of creativity and mermaids. It is more focused on drawing, but of course, I had to do a sculpture!   My mermaid is made from Creative Paperclay®. It is painted with acrylic paint and decorated with beautiful lace fabric. The hair I used is Wensleydale curly locks. If... Continue Reading →

How to Make Lace Angel Wings

Hello and welcome! I have a couple of new tutorials for you today. One complements the other! The one I will share now shows you how to make lace angel wings for your next mixed media art doll. It is very simple and looks beautiful when finished. Don't worry, my next post shows you how... Continue Reading →

Art Therapy

"Art therapy is a mental health profession that uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages." (Source: wikipedia.com)

Christmas Skelly

Sometime ago I did an online art retreat called Artful Gathering Online Retreat. I chose a course taught by David H. Everett, also known as Chicken Lips. I learnt how sculpt these cute little skeletons with Creative Paper Clay. I wanted an unusual Christmas ornament so I decided to make a Christmas skeleton using the techniques I... Continue Reading →

Mixed Media Granny

I had a bottle doll covered with Creative Paper Clay sitting down for quite a while. She was yet to get a face! I was suddenly inspired to do a granny sculpture. I added to details of the face with more paper clay. That's actually one of my favorite things about creative paper clay, you can dilute... Continue Reading →

Whimsical Bottle Doll

Every year I sign up for Life Book, an online year-long art journaling course full of inspiration by Tamara Laporte and her fabulous group of teachers. We tend to do a lot of cute whimsical faces, but of course, they are paintings and drawings rather than sculptures.  As I am a sculptor at heart, I decided I... Continue Reading →

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